The 8th International Conference of the Popular Education Network (PEN) - older version

Tuesday, 26th – Thursday, 28th June 2018

Goedgedacht Farm, Outside Cape Town, South Africa (27 & 28 June)

The EighthInternational Conference of the Popular Education Network (PEN) will take place in at ‘Goedgedacht Farm’ ( ) a rural development programme outside Cape Town, with a pre-conference day on 26 June, at Community House, Salt River, in the City.

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Newsflash: extension of deadline!

Strange.  Everyone seems to be doing ‘popular education’ now – it’s one of the latest trends. But there are many different understandings of popular education and not all popular education aims at radical transformation.  As the majority of people feel deeply the effects of climate change, global expansions of right-wing and neocolonial attitudes worsen the everyday life of working-class and poor people. Meanwhile, social activists and popular educators, located in various places and spaces, are  resisting and working towards a radically different world.

Popular education can light internal fires against injustices, set up conditions for critical analysis and raise uncomfortable questions, mobilise people to stand up and voice their anger, organize them to clearly articulate demands – and generally, work for change, together.

At best, popular education is one aspect of building counter-power, of forging solidarity, of bringing about transformations.

This is why you should come to PEN 2018!

This conference creates the space for 3 days of active engagement with other educators and activists. It will re-energise you as like-minded people come together,  who are committed to the praxis of social, ecological, economic change.

The deadline for submission of proposals has been extended for two weeks to the 18 February.

Please submit your proposal and registration to

Please also be reminded: if  cost will inhibit your participation we do have a small fund to support  participants financially. Please fill in the bursary application form (forthcoming).  We are keeping costs as low as possible so you may be asked for  ‘sweat equity’ during the conference, in exchange for financial support.

Visit the website regularly and the linked Facebook page as we will be uploading materials of interest to stimulate our individual/collective thinking.

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