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Jana Natya Manch is a radical street theatre group in India. Founded in 1973 has done thousands of performances of its street plays and full staged plays. It has worked in over 140 towns, cities and villages of India.

In January 2014, we conducted an interview with Sudu (Sudhanva Deshpande, Janam actor, director and writer) and Mala (Moloyashree Hashmi, actress and leading organiser) as part of the ‘traditions of popular education’ research. Here, we present an edited extract. Street theatre is one form of popular education and we have a lot to learn from people wiho have that much experience as Sudu and Mala!

Training for Transformation: 1973 - 2013 and still going strong…

Last year, Training for Transformation (TfT) a local and global popular education movement, turned 40. They celebrated in true TfT style with a ‘think-well’ that brought together some 40 people from all over the world, to dialogue, write and renew relationships, commitment and hope.

This combination of compassionate being-together, critical reflection and action is what TfT is all about: a philosophy and approach to community development that is deeply and holistically rooted in both the belief in and daily practice of social justice.